Use at Online Poker Room Everest Poker

A luring, attractive and premier online poker room, Everest Poker is known to many gamblers and poker players as a multi lingual poker room. Because many players at Everest Poker come from different nations, Everest Poker is considered to be one of the poker rooms that can be accessed through the Internet that has great traffic.

To avoid encountering complaints from their clients, Everest Poker implements privacy policy and terms of use strictly at their poker room.

Based on the privacy policy of Everest Poker, players at the online poker room should provide some personal information like bank accounts or credit card numbers in order for the administration of the online poker room to provide quality gaming service to them. However, on the side of the management of Everest Poker, its clients and players are assured that the information will be solely used for gaming purposes.

Non-service information are not required by Everest Poker so players can decide whether they will give personal information like wager preferences, payout amounts as well as trends in the transactions made by the player. Non-service information are commonly asked by the administration of the online poker room for statistical and also for research uses.

Everest Poker ensures its clients that given that the private information that their customers give to them will not be distributed or shared to other people. Aside from the bank accounts and credit card numbers, personal information like contact numbers and addresses are also not revealed or given to other people or even players at the online poker room. In addition, Everest Poker always make sure that their staff will not sell, trade or even rent any personal information from their clients and players.

Above all, the personal and private information that are revealed by players when they sign or register an account at the online poker room of Everest Poker are secured by advanced technology that are used by the administration of the poker room. The private information that is entrusted by players to Everest Poker are secured and only few people at the management of the poker room can access the information.

The privacy policy of Everest Poker only shows that players who will use the software and play at the online poker room have the right to file complaints against the site in case the information that they have entrusted to the site do not remain confidential. Thus, every player at Everest Poker are encouraged to read its privacy policy to at least have a background on the concerns and priorities of the online poker room when it comes to legal matters.

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