The Poker Glossary at Attractive Online Poker Room Everest Poker

Known as one of the premier, attractive and popular online poker rooms in present times, Everest Poker aims to provide a good place for online poker players to interact with and play against expert and outstanding poker players in different countries.

This online poker room uses different languages so that gamblers who do not have backgrounds on foreign languages will still be able to enjoy their online gaming experience. Because of the use of the different languages at the online poker room, Everest Poker succeeds in attracting the attention of many online poker players.

To help its players who are not yet familiar or who are just new in playing poker, it provides a section in its Web site wherein players can learn the basic or fundamental terms in poker that every player must know. The poker glossary of Everest Poker may be not complete but it definitely defines the terms that are widely used by players and dealers when they play poker in online casinos as well as in live casinos.

To start with, new players must know what are community cards. Based on the poker glossary of the online poker room, community cards are the cards that are dealt by the poker dealer at the center of the table. Community cards can also be called as the flop, the turn as well as the river.

When poker players talk about a specific type of bet in a round wherein a player decided to bet all the chips that the player has, they refer to all-in bet. Meanwhile, the forced bets in poker, specifically in Texas Holdem are called as small blind and big blind. Players should also know that a bluff is the act wherein a player pretends to have a strong poker hand when in reality the cards that the player holds are weak.

Pocket cards are the cards given by the dealer to every player in a poker table. The number of poker cards differs on the type of poker a player plays. For instance, if a player plays Texas Holdem, there are two pocket cards that will be dealt to the player. However, in Omaha, each player will receive four pocket cards. To avoid confusion, pocket cards are also called by other players as hole cards or down cards since these cards are distributed faced down.

The terms that are mentioned in this article are only few of the terminologies that are defined at the poker glossary of Everest Poker. Hence, amateur players have nothing to worry when they play against advance players at the online poker room since they already have a background on the common poker terms used in money games.

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