Instructions on Downloading the Software of Everest Poker

Online poker rooms are getting more attention from gamblers and poker players today since it is more practical to play poker in these sites than to visit traditional casinos. Aside from the money that players can save if they will play poker at online poker rooms, they can also have access to special promotions such as bonuses and rewards given by some online poker rooms.

In addition, poker players do not need to invest big amount of money just to start a career in online poker because most of the software that are launched by online poker players can be downloaded for free.

Everest Poker is a renowned and outstanding online poker room. To have an access at the poker room, players and computer users need to download its software. Like in any other online poker rooms, the software of Everest Poker can be downloaded for free. In addition, there are guidelines about how the software should be downloaded.

First of all, players should know the minimum requirements for downloading the software of Everest Poker. The minimum requirements for computers to be able to download Everest Poker software are the following: Windows XP, 300 Megahertz processor, 256 Megabytes RAM, 20 Megabytes free space in the hard disk, 2 Megabytes video card, 800×600 screen resolution, 64k colors and 28.8 kilobytes modem.

However, it is recommended that players have the following specs in order for them to have reliable connection to the poker room; Windows XP, 1 Gigahertz processor, 512 Megabytes RAM, 1 Gigabytes free space in the hard disk, 8 Megabytes video card, 1024×768 screen resolution, 16 million colors and broadband or DSL connection. To download the software, it is necessary that players click the download button at the site of Everest Poker.

As soon as the download button has been clicked, a command prompt will appear at the screen of the computer that asks the computer user whether the software will be open or save. Players should open the software and the installation process would take place. Before the installation would be completed, computer users will be asked about the language that they prefer to use since Everest Poker is a multi lingual online poker room.

If the software has been installed successfully, players need to create an account at the poker room for them to have access to the poker tables of Everest Poker. After creating a player’s account, poker players will now be able to play in the money games, chip games as well as tournaments held by this luring and famous online poker room.

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