Maybe it sounds too loud and it really is, but this post, if you follow it and do not surrender, will help you improve your game and, given that you are a slightly losing player, these tips will start earning.

These are not tips on which hands to play and which ones do not. Here you will find different types of tips. These are long-term tips for improving the game.

  1. The first and most important condition for earning money from poker is to be determined to succeed. There is a very famous saying, and it says: There is no harder thing than making easy money. As for the poker game, I absolutely agree with her. Every good player knows that the road to wealth is going through a huge loss. If a big loss loses you, what will happen after a series of big losses. If you want to succeed in your poker career, you need to be solid and immovable.
  2. Losing does not mean you do not care about them. Every good player after enormous loss tries to evaluate his mistakes. He tries to come to a conclusion whether he has played good poker or has been the victim of his own inadequate play. You need to adequately analyze your game. Do not make the mistake of novice thinking that you are the best poker player in the world (even if it really is). I often see people who, after a showdown, wonder how I’ve made a call and qualify me as something. The same people, when I win another showdown, wonder how my opponent can be so naive. The truth is that poker is a game of luck and should not be judged by the direct results but by the overall strategy of the player. This concept is too complex to explain here, but interested people can read the book Fooled by randomness by NN
  3. A winning player of 5/10 dollars is not necessarily winning on 10/20, and vice versa. The typical games you play and in which you are good make your self-esteem grow, but the truth is that every typical game is radically different. The dramatic difference becomes clear if we look at sit-and-go tournaments with friends at home for $ 20, compared to a cash game at a casino with blinds of $ 5 / $ 10. Besides the strength of the hands, these two varieties have little to do with anything. The ultimate winning strategy in one game can make you lose 99% of the time in the other.
  4. Try to improve your game. The only way for a big loser to get to a big winner is to go through the phases of a little loser sitting at zero and a little winning player. Ignore and analyze what you have changed and play better and vice versa. If you lose awfully many of your big bluffs, lower them if you earn awfully little of your big hands, increase your bluffs, and so on
  5. Know what loss you want to give up and not what profit. One of the stupidest mistakes I can see, even average players, is their thought, ohhh had to give up when I was 1000 dollars ahead, now I’m 500 back but I will play up to 1000 winnings. This can only be the case if the players at your table are fish, and you are not excited by the big loss. If the players at your table are predators and you have totally smoked out of the big losses, it is best to stop your losses and get up without having to double your last $ 80 with hands like A10 getting all in.