Anyone playing poker on the internet asks this question. Are our poker rooms lying to us by arranging the cards in a certain order so that we can push as fast and as fast as possible. The truth is that this is not the case, and here I will write you a logical explanation for this.

Already in the previous article I wrote about poker networks. If you’ve already read it, you know that a poker network can provide software to dozens of even hundreds of pokers clients or, in other words, poker sites. The winnings of any poker internet site are determined by the rake paid by their players.

The question is in the following. Rake pays this hand winner, ie if the player on poker site 1 wins $ 10 in one hand he takes $ 9 for himself and the poker site takes the remaining $ 1. It follows that each poker room wants its players to earn so that it can earn itself. In a poker network, all competing sites track the software that offers them the poker network to have no loopholes, numbers, card orders, or any similar ones.

So, if you have thought that poker sites are lying to us and making the cards, I hope you’ve changed your mind.

And for those who say they have seen impossible odds, I can only ask someone who plays poker (even if it is not poker – any kind of card) for a long time and you will see that what happens or not live cards. This is also the case with online distribution. So, poker sites on the internet do not lie to us because if we lose and lose you. The goal of any poker site in the internet is to make its players win. That’s why many of these sites offer free poker programs, tips, schools, and more.